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Why hire a life coach rather than talk to people you know? Not 1 but 5 benefits!

So why do we need coaches? Why not just talk to our friends? Why do you even hire an online life coach?

Even though life coaches have been gaining in popularity in recent years, there are still many who remain sceptical.

“Why would I need a life coach?” and “Are they expensive?” are two of the most frequently asked questions potential clients ask. What is the point of paying someone to listen to my issue when I can just meet with my friends and discuss it over coffee or a drink?

Why indeed? Well, a life coach is not just a person who will listen to you or guide you, but a person who will listen to you and guide you effectively. And while this article is not meant to suggest that you shouldn’t talk to your friends or family about your issues—after all, we should all feel blessed to have people around us who care—it will give you five reasons why a life coach could be an alternative choice.

1A life coach will REALLY listen to you.
Even if some of us are lucky enough to have trustworthy and honest friends, it is often the case that our friends will only listen to what we choose to tell them and will retain only a tiny portion of the conversation. Don’t blame your friends for that; our unconscious minds keep only the bits they think are essential when we don’t actively listen to someone.
A life coach, on the other hand, has been professionally trained to actively listen to you. Since they have been trained to notice small details that other people will often overlook, they are able to spot things that might seem insignificant or trivial to others.

2. A life coach is unbiased.
Consider this: when we talk to our family and friends, we do get their support, but what happens when we want to discuss an issue that challenges their belief system? If the person you ask for an opinion already holds a biased opinion even before you are able to voice your concerns, how can you expect to receive an honest opinion?

3. A life coach learns everything about you on the spot.
This might seem like a bad thing, but I challenge you to think again: someone who is close to you most likely already knows your history and your behaviour. Sometimes, the advice they will offer will be based on your past decisions, even if the reasons behind your new dilemma are completely different. On the other hand, a life coach will only ask about your past when they deem it necessary. And when they do that, they won’t look back on past behaviors with judgment or criticism.

4. A life coach will help you design an action plan and stick to it!
Surely your friends and family can help you create an action plan that works for you. But have they taken everything into account? Will they even have the courage and time to examine it from different perspectives? And, most importantly, are they going to make sure you follow through? A life coach will do all of the above. Throughout your sessions, he or she will hold you accountable for your actions and monitor your progress.

5. A life coach will challenge you but will respect your boundaries.
It is common for people who know us to praise or pat us on the back because they don’t want to disappoint us. Yes, a life coach will show empathy, but at the same time, they will challenge you. And don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable because this is not going to happen: Although it is sometimes good to step outside of our comfort zones, a life coach will always respect your boundaries and will only explore your ideas, one step at a time, and only if you have given them permission to do so.

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