benefits of being a student

Why You’re Special and Amazing as a Student: The benefits of being a student

The benefits of being a student

As a student you’re special. You are among peers. Yes, each of you has a unique background, life experience, and personality. However, while this may be seen as a difference in another context, when you are at university, you all face more or less similar struggles and focus on one thing: making the most of your student life, learning new things, and graduating successfully with useful knowledge that prepares you for your career.

So, first and foremost, remember that as a student, you have a lot in common with others.

Then there are numerous other advantages to being a student, some of which you may be unaware of.

You make connections with people who are not like you (and why this can be beneficial!)

What if your mind is stuck on all the differences between you and your peers? First, while it is natural to seek out people with whom you share common interests, you are also more likely to make connections with people who are unlike you because deep down you know you can learn new things from them.

Exposure to new mindsets, beliefs, cultures, and habits, as long as they are healthy, will benefit your self-development journey significantly.

You are better prepared to handle future difficult situations in life

Consider this: as a college or university student, you frequently work hard to achieve your goals.

The roadblocks you must overcome will prepare you for the more difficult life situations you may face later in life; in some cases, they will even appear trivial to you!

It’s easier to get noticed for your unique qualities

If you consider yourself to be unique, acknowledge the fact that you can stand out more in a crowd, and you usually have an easier time getting noticed by the right people who are attracted by your authenticity.

This, in turn, means you can build stronger connections with those who actually care about the real you, and these friendships can even last a lifetime!

You can see things from different perspectives because of your diverse background and experiences 

Each one of us is different. But have you considered that you may have an increased ability to empathize with others because of your own struggles growing up that made you stronger, tougher, wiser, and more compassionate than other people?

This is not only a trait that can help you be more confident among your peers, but it is also a quality that you can pass on to others.

You can learn and make connections between things that other people might not even understand.

In other words, you are now an expert in your field. You have the ability to learn and make connections between topics that others may not comprehend. Not only that, but being trained to think critically, write essays, conduct research, and meet deadlines broadens your capacity to function at different levels.

Because, let’s face it, understanding different topics and how they are related is essential in today’s world. At various points in your life, you will need to see how one topic can connect with another, or even provide a solution for it. This critical and solution-focused thinking can be extremely beneficial in both your personal life and your career, making you stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes your expertise in one field can help people in another field or connect them with someone who has the answers they seek.

So you can see that college provides you with more than just academic language; it also provides you with the ability to deal with real-life situations in an ever-demanding society.

You are the future of society, the economy, and the world!

The future of society and the economy is in your hands. Why? You already have an advantage if you are highly skilled. If you are not, the skills you learn now will help you succeed later. 

Let’s face it: we live in a time of great uncertainty in many areas (financial recessions, wars, environmental crises, and so on…). However, as a student, you are learning and practicing the skills that will make you a valuable player in the world. 

In fact, you have more resources than the average person to change the world. How so? The truth is that what you learn at university or college is usually based on the most recent research. This alone puts you ahead of the pack.

You have a variety of resources at your disposal

You have 3-4 years in college or university to really pack a lot of knowledge! You are able to learn more in less time than others.

Not to mention that everyone is unique and has their own way of learning. Some people prefer to learn alone, while others prefer to learn with a peer group or a teacher. The key is to figure out what works best for you based on your unique set of strengths and weaknesses. And you are fortunate because a college or university setting provides you with all of these options that other learners cannot even dream of.

So why not make the most out of it?

Learning can be fun, and it’s totally worth it!

Learning new skills and knowledge is fun. Yes, assignments and exams can be overwhelming, but in the long run, it will be worthwhile because you will be able to do more and earn a better living.

Learning allows you to improve your skills. And as your skills improve, so will your opportunities. You can get a better job or a promotion. You can even start your own business! It sounds simplistic, but a college or university degree does open many doors.

Yes, people nowadays say that you don’t need academic credentials to succeed and point to examples of people who have done so. But, let’s be honest: these are frequently exceptions. And statistically, most high-paying jobs will require a college degree of some sort!

Everything is cheaper if you’re a student.

In this day and age, the cost of education is really high. This can be a burden for students and families, but as a student, you don’t have to worry about it. You can get discounts on everything from food to entertainment to clothing and books. You can even have significant discounts on transportation, cinema tickets and even digital apps that can make your student life easier.

Take advantage of it while it lasts (but do keep an eye on that budget of yours 😜)

As a student, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and network connections with people from all over the world.

Colleges and universities are the best places to meet new people and make lifelong friends. They have diverse communities, opportunities for growth, and events that are not available elsewhere.

Students also have access to a plethora of resources, both academic and social, that they can use to maximize their undergraduate experience. Because a network of connections can last for years after graduation, it is critical to establish these connections while still in college or university.

And also consider this: you now have the technology and social media to keep your connections for a lifetime (something we didn’t have while I was a student!) 

You’ve got professional help for free

I may be a coach for students, but I must acknowledge that universities provide a variety of professional services designed to help students succeed academically and socially for free. Among these are tutoring, career counseling, mentoring, and study skills instruction. Students have access to excellent resources outside of the university community as well, such as their own professors and other faculty members as well as alumni networks.

The world is your oyster

And you’re holding this oyster in your hands. This is the most exciting time of our lives, and we can achieve anything. With the right attitude and a few pointers, you can overcome any obstacle in your path. 

Remember that university life is about learning, gaining new experiences, and developing trustworthy social networks; these three things alone can prepare you for the real world.

But it is not all about hard work and learning. We have to acknowledge that university is also fun and some of the experiences will last a lifetime.

You may not realize it right now (I certainly didn’t), but you will someday, as corny as it may sound.

The world needs your ideas. You have something unique to offer, and it is within your power to get it out into the world. So why not begin now? Allow yourself to continue its journey of self development and just take a moment, breathe and consider how special you are as a student.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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